olixar exoshield tough snap-on iphone xs case - black / clear reviews

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olixar exoshield tough snap-on iphone xs case - black / clear reviews

olixar exoshield tough snap-on iphone xs case - black / clear reviews

We got our hands on a 710 this week, so read on to find out how it fared. The Lumia 710's main features are the Windows Phone OS, its snazzy, swappable backplates and free music streaming and sat-nav apps from Nokia -- free despite the handset's mid-range pricing. Microsoft's OS is slick and easy to use and the Lumia boasts a 1.4GHz chip so performance is impressive. If you're a big Facebook user you'll love how the phone comes alive with your mates' updates. But the OS doesn't offer as many apps as Android or iOS, so if you're always wondering if there's an app for that, you might find Windows Phone a bit limiting. We'd suggest considering an iPhone 3GS or a mid-range Android mobile instead.

The Lumia 710 is powered by the latest version of Windows Phone -- 7.5, aka Mango -- rather than the age-old Symbian platform Nokia used to rely on, Nokia has added some apps to the Lumia 710, along with its very own 'Nokia blue' colour theme, but it's more Microsoft than Finland's finest running the show, We found Microsoft's operating system responsive, slick and easy to use, with bold, colourful icons and no-nonsense symbols clearly signposting olixar exoshield tough snap-on iphone xs case - black / clear reviews all the functions, Thankfully, it's nothing like Microsoft's previous mobile OS, Windows Mobile, not least because it's been designed from the ground up for touchscreen phones, It also looks and feels strikingly different to Android and iOS, so don't expect an iClone..

If you're new to smart phones, we reckon you'll find Windows Phone a really welcoming place, because it's so simple and straightforward to use. But on the flip side, the software lacks the geeky, tinker-friendly nature of Android and can feel somewhat rigid, because Microsoft doesn't allow any big changes to its interface. You can tweak the theme and background colours and create, delete and rearrange tiles on the home screen. But if you like to really customise the experience with widgets, as you can on Android, you might find Windows Phone a touch sterile.

The Lumia 710 runs the Mango version of Windows Phone, Among Mango's additions is multi-tasking, meaning you can listen to music in the background while browsing or composing an email, To switch between olixar exoshield tough snap-on iphone xs case - black / clear reviews apps you hold down the back button, which brings up a deck of screenshots of your recent activity, then you swipe through and tap on the app or function you want to return to, Throughout the OS are options to share stuff or interact with social networks, So if you're a big Facebooker, you'll love how it's baked into the phone..

After hooking up our Facebook account we did notice the Lumia's What's New feed wasn't always as up-to-date as the full-fat Facebook news feed, as viewed via Facebook.com. Don't expect to always be eyeballing the freshest data or even viewing all there is to see going on in your social circles through Windows Phone's lens. For a better Facebook experience, there is also a Windows Phone Facebook app, which can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. We found this app generally to be more up-to-date than the Lumia feeds. Prolific Facebookers are likely to prefer it over the People hub.

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