pizza reading iphone case

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pizza reading iphone case

pizza reading iphone case

It's since been surpassed by the Galaxy S2 and won't be getting Android 4.0, but if you're able to pick one up cheap it will undoubtedly serve you well. One of the first true budget Android blowers, the Galaxy Europa offers Android 2.1 and a capacitive touchscreen for an incredibly low price. Granted, its humble processor and lack of Adobe Flash support count against it, but you can pick it up for less than £50 these days. In that regard, it represents the ideal entry-level handset for younger mobile users. More seasoned pros will find the 2.8-inch screen too small and the lack of forthcoming firmware updates frustrating.

Launched alongside the more illustrious Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Ace is basically a cheaper version of Samsung's world-beating blower, It pizza reading iphone case has a smaller 3.5-inch screen (the same size as the one on the iPhone 4S, in case you were wondering), and a relatively lowly 800MHz CPU, But these negatives are balanced out by a considerable positive -- it's cheap, Although it shipped with version 2.2 of Android's OS, the Ace has since been upgraded to 2.3 by some UK networks, Shop around to see which ones offer the newer firmware, For the modest amount of cash that's being demanded here, the Galaxy Ace represents a solid buy for those of you who want that iPhone feel but can't afford an expensive contract..

A handset that surely needs no introduction, the Galaxy S2 is so mind-blowingly amazing that we awarded it our Best Phone of 2011accolade. Boasting a gorgeous design, bright 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen and a blisteringly fast dual-core 1.2GHz processor, it's hardly surprising that this handset has been selling like exceedingly hot cakes since its launch last year. It's without a shadow of a doubt the most popular Android phone on the planet right now, and if you're looking to jump onto Google's mobile bandwagon, it's arguably the best option -- until the fabled Galaxy S3 is released, of course.

The unholy union of Google's Nexus line and Samsung's pizza reading iphone case Galaxy series, the Galaxy Nexus is seen by many as the premier Android handset, largely because it's officially sanctioned by Google and is running a totally pure version of the Android operating system, The first handset to come with Ice Cream Sandwich installed (Android 4.0, in case you were wondering), the device has a massive 4.65-inch display, a near field communication chip for contactless data transfer and a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, Plagued by technical issues at launch, it's since been patched up nicely and offers the most attractive choice for dedicated Android aficionados..

Following the success of the Galaxy Ace, Samsung is clearly keen to ensure that its line of Androids remain within the grasp of the world's less-rich individuals. The Samsung Galaxy Y comes with Android 2.3 installed, but corners have been cut practically everywhere else. There's no bright AMOLED display, and the processor is limited to 832MHz. Still, it's relatively cheap -- a fact that will help it find its way into the pockets of financially astute users, we're sure. But beware those of you with fat fingers -- you'll struggle to accurately thumb your way around the wee screen.

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